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Freightlink Europe Drivers

our teams – drivers

A recent independent survey amongst our customers ranked our drivers amongst the best in the industry.

Drivers are recruited not only on their ability to drive safely, respect drivers hours and safely load vehicles, but communication skills and a ‘can-do’ attitude to work are critical.  Whilst our state of the art tracker system monitors the drivers’ position and driving styles, it cannot communicate with customers and we rely on our drivers to communicate positively, convey accurate information and give feedback, where necessary.

New drivers initially go out with existing drivers to understand the Freightlink work ethos and to be trained to do the job correctly.  Drivers are encouraged to use their initiative where circumstances require it.   Our drivers therefore not only are, but feel, an important part of the Freightlink Europe team.  They enjoy superb working relationships with our customers – so much so that customers booking a vehicle with driver often ask for a particular driver by name.

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