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Hauliers in Bradford

vehicle hire with driver

all the services and vehicles you need to support your business

All of Freightlink Europe’s vehicles are available for daily hire together with one of our professional drivers.

Customers can hire a vehicle and driver at a fixed rate, secure in the knowledge that whilst the driver will take instruction from and report directly to them, they have the full back up and support of the Freightlink Europe team.

Access to Freightlink Europe’s tracker system is also available to allow clients real time access to vehicles working for them – saving time and money in uneccessary telephone calls.

We would love you to experience our service – let us take one of your collections or deliveries and show you the exceptional way we treat you and your goods. Call us 01274 608900 or email us


Freightlink Europe is always our first telephone call, whenever we need additional vehicles or for destinations not served by ourselves. We have worked in collaboration for over 10 years. What they offer our company is a quick response, always a desire to help, an extensive fleet and geographical coverage, honesty, integrity, and confidentiality - especially when dealing with our customers; together with great industry knowledge. We are pleased to consider Freightlink Europe as our preferred business partner.

Ross Terry, Managing Director, Marcus Transport