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freight people #talkingtransport May Review



Once again Mike Dawber from NavCIS gave a really insightful overview of the freight crime statistics. Whilst freight crime in the UK has in general reduced during lockdown, Yorkshire continues to be a crime hotspot with Normanton and Wakefield being among the worst hit areas.

Round the Corner’ crime is particularly prevalent and Drivers should be reminded NEVER to deliver to an alternative address unless they check with THEIR OWN transport office.  Freight Train recommends that such instruction is included in a Drivers’ Handbook.

Google ‘Romanian Rollover’  – another frightening crime that is on the increase in the UK.

To raise awareness, not only of the cost to our industry of freight crime, but also the danger to our Drivers, please ensure that all vehicle/freight crime, no matter how small, is reported in the first instance to the police, but then please also e-mail NaVCIS at

Suspicious circumstances should be reported to Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.  All reporting to Crime stoppers is fully confidential.


Our keynote speakers were:

  • Jennifer Rawlinson from Flourish in Mind,
  • Andrew Drewary from Road Smart Safe
  • Dr David Lee from Sleep Unlimited.

There were so many top tips it is impossible to list them all, but here are a few:

Fitness to Drive:

  • Use the Stop Bang process to check if employees could be suffering from sleep apnoea or any other sleep related disorder.  It is highly recommended that this be included in Driver induction and in ongoing fitness to drive procedures. (Contact freight people for a copy of the 5 simple Stop Bang questions).
  • After every road traffic incident conduct a fitness to drive interview.
  • Don’t forget to ensure Drivers sign that they are fit to drive when they return to work after any period of illness and before taking any vehicle on the road.
  • Ensure Drivers sign a medical declaration and fitness to drive declaration at induction and at least annually thereafter (freight train suggests at least 6 monthly)
  • Ensure that Drivers are aware of medical conditions that require reporting to DVLA and sign a declaration that they have no such conditions

Dealing with anxiety:

  • Be aware that the wellbeing of your colleagues may be changing constantly. We all have our ups and downs or, as I heard this week, ‘we are all in the same storm, but in different boats’. Where are you and your teams in the circle of fear?  Be mindful, as this will help you to support others and indeed be aware of your own state of mind.

  • Plan for employees’ return to work taking into consideration how they may be feeling – fearful, concerned or looking forward to returning.
  • The key is always, listen, talk, ask questions.
  • A few useful APPS:   Calm, Insight Timer, NHS mindplan:
25th May 2020