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June freight people #talking transport review – Hot Topic, Earned Recognition


Mike Dawber from NavCIS (National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service) once again provided an informative review of current crime statistics.  It is of concern to note that despite a 40% drop in commercial vehicle crime following ‘lock down’, the last 2 weeks has evidenced a worrying increase in crime. Hot Spots continue to be Northampton and West Yorkshire (M62 corridor). There has been an increase in ‘hook up’ crimes and operators are advised not to leave trailers unattended in insecure areas.

Everyone was encouraged to continue to report crime to the police on 101 and then to report to NaVCIS –

Attendees were provided with the latest NavCIS Crime Bulletin in advance of the meeting and a digital copy of the CART Security Guide (Cargo and Road Transport Security Guide).

Phil Breen, DVSA Earned Recognition National Account Manager, delivered a most informative presentation on Earned Recognition, the DVSA initiative to ‘Help Stay Safe on Britain’s Roads‘ and a copy of the presentation was circulated to attendees. ‘Freight People’ present were given the opportunity to ask questions directly to not only Phil Breen but the Traffic and Vehicle examiner who accompanied him.

This was followed by Lesley O’Brien, Freightlink Europe partner giving a detailed story of her company’s journey from Public Inquiry (12 years ago), to ‘green operator’ to Founder Member Earned Recognition status. Lesley gave a 10 point list of the benefits, along with tips on how to prepare for the audit, find an auditor and IT provider.

What attendees said:

‘Today has been extremely helpful and I will definitely be looking into joining this scheme’.

‘Brilliant as usual, great speakers, I personally got so much from the ER presentation, it took the smoke away from going forward and the processes.

‘Just wanted to say thank you for another Fab event – always enjoy Mike’s presentation but I really liked the guy from the DVSA – I am definitely going to be looking into Earned Recognition……  I will definitely be signing up for July’s forum……. Oh and it helped you giving your experience – I love that you are so open and honest…. ‘

‘That was a good meeting and Phil was very informative. It has given me an insight as to what will be required for Earned Recognition’

‘We have a Board meeting next week and I am going to raise ER as an item, so thanks now that I am better informed’

19th June 2020